Świadczymy sługi w zakresie badań nieniszczących, wdrażamy również metody zaawansowane z dziedziny badań nieniszczących

Metallographic testing MTR

Testing of material structure is performed with the use of:

  • macrostructure tests
  • microstructure research - triafol replicas

Triafol replica testing is an indispensable element in determining the suitability of the object for further work. They allow not only to identify anomalies in the material structure arising either during production or incorrect operation, e.g. overheating, but also degradation as a result of work in creep conditions and thus estimate the time of further safe operation.

These tests have a colossal significance mainly in power engineering, where most of the elements work in creep conditions. It should be emphasized that these tests are completely non-destructive and, in combination with hardness measurements, are the fastest and the cheapest method of estimating the properties of a material.

Photos from the implementation of tests using metallographic MTR method.