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About company

Energodiagnostyka Sp. z o.o. based in Warsaw, is a company engaged in research and development works in the field of technical diagnostics using non-destructive methods. The company's origins date back to 1991.

We specialize in research and diagnostics of components, carried out during acceptance works, production, final inspection or periodic inspection during operation. Our representatives operate in Gdańsk and Elbląg and we provide our services across the country and abroad. Our specialists have 2nd and 3rd degree certificates according to PN-EN 9712 and extensive experience in the field of non-destructive testing. From the beginning of the company's activity, we also deal with the implementation of the MMM (Magnetic Metal Memory) method in our country. We carry out such implementations through research and development works directly at the client's and jointly with scientific centers.

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Testing Methods

The ENERGODIAGNOSTYKA company provides services in technical diagnostics by non-destructive methods, including:

Testing with the WIT method

The WIT method is a non-destructive method for determining the condition…

Magnetic Metal Memory method (MMM

The Magnetic Memory Method is an extremely effective method of non-destructive…

Eddy current testing - ET

Eddy current testing enable detecting such discontinuities as: cracks,…

Ultrasonic testing UT

It is also used to control the continuity of pins, bolts, etc. The UT method…

Ultrasonic phased array UTPA

Due to the high technical sophistication of the system, it is used for…

Ultrasonic testing IBUS

Testing carried out with the aforementioned technique is characterized…

Method MMM

The MMM method is a passive non-destructive control method, based on the registration and analysis of the distribution of self-magnetic leakage fields (SMLF), created in products and devices in stress concentration zones (SKN). During the MMM tests, a natural magnetization is used, which appears in the form of a magnetic metal memory during actual deformations, which results in structural changes in the material and devices.

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