Świadczymy sługi w zakresie badań nieniszczących, wdrażamy również metody zaawansowane z dziedziny badań nieniszczących

Hardness measurements

Hardness tests are included in non-destructive tests due to the fact that they do not affect the condition of the tested object (slight deformation on the tested surface) and that they can be performed on finished objects. Hardness is an important feature of materials and testifies their resistance to permanent deformations.

Hardness measurements can be used, among others to:

  • material homogeneity control
  • quick selection of materials
  • control of the correctness of the technological processes of heat and plastic processing.

Due to the relationship between the hardness of a material and its structure, hardness tests in addition to metallographic testing are an indispensable element of comprehensive diagnostics of machines and devices. Hardness measurements are made with portable hardness testers or on stationary devices. The use of mobile devices significantly increases the area of application of such tests.

Photos from the implementation of research using the hardness measurements method