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Ultrasonic phased array UTPA

Phased Array system is a supplement and extension of the possibilities offered by ultrasonic testing.

Due to the high technical sophistication of the system, it is used for specialized measurements related to the determination and detection of cracks, delamination, erosive damage in components with a complex shape. The advantages of the system are the possibilities associated with shaping the ultrasonic beam, including its focusing at the selected depth of the material. In addition, the method allows to visualize the image in several sections, record and archive test results.

Recently, UTPA systems have been increasingly used on the Polish market for corrosion mapping, so-called UT Mapping. These systems allow to test the walls of pipelines, tanks, sheets and others. for thicknesses of different origin. Such a test is carried out with a resolution of up to 1 mm, with full recording of the results, which are depicted in the form of a loss map for the entire tested element. What is important, the measuring head is automated with its own drive, which means that we have the ability to scan the surface of the tank shells without having to provide direct access (scaffolding), which significantly increases the possibilities and reduces the cost of diagnostics. We invite you to contact us for more information.

Zdjęcia z realizacji badań metodą ultradźwiękową - UTPA