Świadczymy sługi w zakresie badań nieniszczących, wdrażamy również metody zaawansowane z dziedziny badań nieniszczących

Ultrasonic thickness measurements - UTT

Ultrasonic thickness measurements - (UTT) Are widely used in industry. We carry out such tests for single-sided accessible elements made of various hot materials (also through the paint coating). Measurements can also be made with the use of rope access, which allows not only to significantly reduce the costs of such works, but above all enables the testing of places to which access is difficult or virtually impossible.

The measurements are mainly performed on elements susceptible to damage caused by corrosion, erosion or chemical agents, such as: pipelines, tanks, exchangers, ship's shell bodies, structural elements and many others. We use the latest equipment from renowned global manufacturers for thickness measurements.

Thickness measurements give information about the actual wall thickness at the test site. However, thanks to the phased array (ultrasonic technique using multi-transducer heads - mosaic), we can create corrosion maps of larger surfaces with a resolution of up to 1mm UT Mapping.

Such tests enable full recording of measurement results. Thanks to this, we find out what is the state of the internal surface area being examined in a larger area. Mapping is more and more popular on the market due to its advantages and the large amount of information obtained.

Photos from the implementation of research using the UTT method