WIT method

Zajmujemy się rozwojem i wdrażaniem metody WIT.

WIT method

The company ENERGODIAGNOSTYKA Sp. z o. o. holds as the only one in the country the recognition of the Office of Technical Inspection for testing steel materials using the WIT method. We acquired the rights to manage this proprietary method from ZBM WITEX S.A, which for many years operated in the field of energy and petrochemical industry for the propagation and development of this method. Therefore, willing that this innovative and effective test method would continue to develop, we have started cooperation with its creator, PhD, Eng. Józef Stefanowicz. The WIT method has enormous potential, and combining the new possibilities of technology and experience gained over several decades of practice shall help to take another step forward towards its further development.

Within the WIT method, our activities are focused on the following activities:

  • technical diagnostics
  • sale of licenses and sale and service of hardware and software for the WIT method
  • training
  • consultancy services and technical support for NDT personnel

Our specialists will eagerly provide any additional information regarding the WIT method.

We encourage you to contact us.

Training on the WIT

If you are interested in training in the WIT method, please contact us and send your application to: biuro@energodiagnostyka.pl

Training on the WIT method is addressed to entities interested in purchasing a license.
The training takes place at the headquarters of our company or at the Client's.

Our specialists also offer help and support for people who perform diagnostics using the WIT method.
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