Metal Magnetic Memory

We have the largest experience on the Polish market in the field of diagnostics using the MMM method.

Magnetic Metal Memory method (MMM)

The magnetic memory method is a unique and extremely effective method of non-destructive testing, allowing to evaluate in real time the stress-deformation condition of industrial facilities or their elements.
Currently, the MMM method is appreciated and used more and more widely in the world.
It is used to control all industrial facilities and to control any elements made of ferromagnetic or paramagnetic metals, including in certain cases of austenitic steel (stainless steel).

The company Energodiagnostyka is a leader on the Polish market in the use of the MMM method for industrial testing. We have over 20 years of experience in the use of the Magnetic Metal Memory method.

Within the MMM method, our activity focuses on the following activities:

  • Technical diagnostics
  • Sale and service of hardware and software
  • Training (also certification according to EN 9712)
  • Advisory and technical support for NDT personnel

Our specialists will be happy to provide any additional information regarding the MMM method.

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Training MMM

All persons interested in MPM training, please contact us and send your application to::

Training is based on the ISO 9712: 2012 standard.
The training will take place at the earliest possible date as soon as the right number of people is gathered. Welcome.

In addition, at the time of the purchase of the equipment, we offer implementation training, which includes instructions on how to use the equipment - calibration, testing; support for MMSystem data analysis software.

Our specialists also offer help and support to users of MPM testing equipment throughout their useful life.





Certified specialists




We offer the opportunity to purchase equipment

Energodiagnostyka offers measuring instruments and scanning devices with sensors designed for technical diagnostics of facilities using the method of Metal Magnetic Memory. The offer is complemented by computer programs for processing MMSystem measurement data.

We also provide service  of equipment and technical advice in the field of:

  • selection of the instrument and scanning devices for MmM tests
  • preparation of reports on MMM tests
  • MMM testing software support